Remove “Islamic Republic” Title From the Country’s Name

Rising, we are rising from the dark depths of absolute absurd content broadcast on television . First, a big round of applaud goes to Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority currently chaired by Mr. Absar Alam (PERMA, established on March 1, 2002,) who took in notice the circus that goes on channels. Now Islamabad High court (IHC) has passed strict order for Ramadan transmission. he say that any game show under name of Ramadan transmission is not allowed.

Remove 'Islamic Republic' Title From the Countrys Name

“No program suggestive of containing lottery and gambling, even apparently for a noble purpose like Haj/Umrah tickets etc, shall be promoted to air either live or recorded,” “All law enforcing agencies and regulatory bodies are under statutory obligations to ensure that no activity prejudicial to the glory of Islam and the Constitution is permitted, individually or collectively on electronic or print media,” it added.

He specifically warned famous host including Dr Amir Liaquat, Sahir Lodhi, Fahad Mustafa and Waseem Badami to maintain the decorum and violation may lead to lifetime ban.

High court further noticed that even PTV channel has stopped airing Azaan and ordered that all channels must air Azaan. He asked PERMA to give report on the completion of first 10 days of Ramadan that out of 177 channels how many follows the order. “No channel broadcasts the Azaan, an in fact show dance numbers and advertisements during that time. If this is how things will be then we should remove the “Islamic Republic” title from the country’s name”, justice Siddique said.
It was also added that no person is allowed to comment on religious affair on channels if the person doesn’t at least hold a PHD in such area of expertise.

btw this man holds a PHD degree. so may be the court should say a sane decent scholar with PHD *shrug shoulders*

A few more Orders include:

  • “Complete ban on advertisements, dramas and films of foreign origin, India in particular.”
  • “10% of foreign TV contents which is permissible as per rules shall be allowed to be aired, subject to approval by the committee consisting of secretaries noted above and the chairman Pemra.
  • No advertisements can be aired at least five minutes prior to the breaking of the fast. Instead, Durood Sharif and dua “must be offered for the solidarity, prosperity, peace and tranquillity of Pakistan, well-being of all citizens and promotion of tolerance, forgiveness, sacrifices and acceptance of prayers.”
  • It is expected of all channels and licensees of Pemra “that [the] respect and spirit of the holy month of Ramazan is not compromisd by any host or guest, either through appearance, or any act or words spoken”.

We have already started receiving the blessing and it feels great!! PERMA should also take notice of Eid special shows that contain ill-humor and should further advise to censor the items songs in none of the other but our own Pakistani films. We fall a lot in the pit holes but till we have some sane observers we will live and rise again.

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