Remembering The Mother of The Nation, Fatima Jinnah And All She Did

Fatima Jinnah, is no foreign name to us Pakistanis. Regarded as the ‘Madar-e-Millat’ (mother of the nation), Fatima Jinnah is one of the most influential and remarkable examples we have in our history, especially for women.

Known for her exceptional work alongside her brother, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, for women in the political work against the British and Hindu government in the subcontinent, she is applauded as the powerful figure for women as inspiration all over the world.

Paying tribute to her sister, the Quaid once said,

My sister was like a bright ray of light and hope whenever I came back home and met her. Anxieties would have been much greater and my health much worse, but for the restraint imposed by her”.

It is no secret that women have always been kept below men on the scale for almost everything, and it is by effort of women like Fatima Jinnah that women have gradually been able to get some of the rights they deserve, back.

It was the Quaid-i-Azam who brought about a social revolution in the emancipation and empowerment of Muslim women which is a little recognized fact. He repeatedly stressed the importance of treating women as equal partners of men if the Muslims of India were to achieve the dream of a separate homeland.

Fatima Jinnah was always at his side, a visible symbol of the new woman, advising and participating in all the activities of the Quaid, and not tucked away at home minding the kitchen, as women are deemed to do.

However, the real game changer was the Muslim League session at Patna in 1938, when the Quaid-i-Azam, who was reorganizing and revitalizing the Muslim League since his return from England in 1934, created the All India Muslim Women’s Sub-Committee of the Muslim League.

By the mid-40s, a galaxy of women had emerged in the leadership role of the Muslim League, organizing and mobilizing in the cities and also at the district level. Some of the more prominent names that emerged were: Jahanara Shahnawaz, Begum Salma Tassaduq Hussain and Begum Fatima from Lahore, Shaista Ikramullah from Bengal, Zari Sarfraz from what was then the NWFP, and Lady Abdullah Haroon from Sindh.

Fatima Jinnah got the title of Madr-i-Milat or Mother of Nation for her hardworking and devoting her life for the sake of Muslim nation in subcontinent or for Pakistani Nation.

Fatima Jinnah was not joined the election from 1951 till 1965. Fatima Jinnah took part in the election which held on 1965 after Marshal Law of General Ayub Khan. But she did not win those elections.

Fatima Jinnah was died at the age of 73 in 9th July 1967 in Karachi Pakistan by heart failure. Fatima Jinnah was buried in Karachi.

Fatima Jinnah always fought for the rights of women in Pakistan. Fatima Jinnah was a very brave woman. May her after life be peaceful.


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