Rely For Emotional Support?

Does relying for emotional support helps you?

In life, we all go through hard times, those tough times when all we need is someone to tell us that everything’s going to be all right. When the anxiety kicks in and breaks you from the inside, when the fear makes you weaker, you wait for the savior to sing you a lullaby and make things whole again.

But the fact is that it makes you weaker inside. You never learn to look your problems in the eyes and fight them back, you rather wait for that savior. So when that anxiety kicks in, when those hardships beat you to your knees, accept that happened. Accept that what’s done can’t be undone. but it can be fixed and things can be made whole again but the thing is that you and only you can make things right for yourself.

We expect from people, sometimes all we seek is sympathy and we expect from people to be there when we need them but they can’t always be there for us. It’s not that they don’t care for you, or they’re no longer there for you. It’s just that everyone has their own matters to deal with and they might be facing bigger problems when you need them.

So the thing here is to make yourself strong. Yes, we are humans and we need people around us. Man is a social animal and the whole idea doesn’t state that you should stop relying on people altogether. It’s just that when you learn to fight your demons yourself, you don’t get weak, you get stronger. You just get good at fixing the things. You become something who doesn’t need anyone else to live the life you want.

Learn to give emotional support to people. Be there for them when they need you. Helping them out will make you stronger, more practical and even more peaceful inside.

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