Religious Affairs Minister Meets Chinese Ambassador to Discuss Xinjiang Muslims

Last week a meeting took place between China Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing and Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Dr Noor-ul-Haq Qadri. Qadri said that Pakistan’s friendship with China is on top and away from any political agenda, the roots of which lie deep within the people.

The federal minister mentioned that the CPEC was a matter of national priority and uttered full confidence in it. Apart from all this, Qadri spoke about the Muslims facing frequent restrictions in China’s Xinjiang province and demanded that they should be given some sort of relaxations.

“The placement of restrictions increases the chances of an revolutionary point of view growing in reaction,” the minister told the Chinese ambassador, declaring that tangible steps need to be taken to prepare out such an approach and spread interfaith agreement.

The two of them also conferred talks among religious scholars belonging to Xinjiang and Pakistan. The Chinese ambassador said that Chinese government is the possessor of Sufi and modest reflection and resolves to arrange the differences between diverse religious groups.

He invited Qadri for a visit to China which the federal minister accepted. The Chinese ambassador also granted assertions to assist the visit of a Pakistani religious delegation to the Xinjiang province.

“Exchange of viewpoints between religious scholars of both countries is vital for better interfaith relations,” Xing remarked.

He said that there were 20 million Muslims living in China who enjoyed absolute freedom to practice their faith.

“Pakistan is an important representative of the Muslim world and we want to further strengthen Pak-China relations on an Islamic level,” Xing said adding that they will take the Muslim community living in China into self-belief for achieving the same.

He expressed China’s interest in working with Pakistan to expand an educational curriculum for the Muslim community. He further said that with Pakistan’s cooperation, China desires to work for the social development of the former Fata region and Afghan migrants.


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