Reham Khan Book Leaks And Twitter Fights

Since we don’t have enough water to even survive, emotions are drowning Pakistan. Emotions of individuals supporting their ethnic or traditional or likely political party blindly. Hamza Ali Abbasi has a special quota for emotions and he is not the man to hold them back. The recent tweets exchange between actor/PTI activist Hamza and Reham Khan started another keyboard war and gave others a chance for drama watch.

To note some points, one the book is not released yet not even in London where the first publish is expected and all the readers out there eagerly waiting for favourite book release know how long the process takes to reach the book Pakistan when there is absolutely no book outlets offering pre-orders. Reham Khan is accused to have allied with Nawaz Party, however she and members PMLN denied any such alliance.

Hamza Sahib called it ” A TYPO” ok lol

Furthermore, it is rumored publishing her book just before election is a tactic to hold back Kaptan Sahib from winning. Now the date of release is nowhere to be found except that it is expected in two or upcoming week. The very title of the book is not even on internet and still Hamza Ali Abbasi got his hands on leaked manuscript *kindly leak it further to everybody and especially PTI supporters can be a part of keyword war and review.*

Along with all allegations, the PTI actor activist must also disclose the source

well, the reading culture is dying so win- win ?

because if publishing book before elections is dirty politics then getting a leaked manuscript is dirtier. Politics is as dirty as it sounds, it is all about strategy, self-interest, destruction and right timing but not about emotions. If you are too weak to handle the opponents step, please step back and sit quietly. Even as soon as the book is published still there is no one to tell the authenticity of scenario Reham Khan has put down in words because from both respected side immense subjectivity would be included. The claim to halt kaptaan Sahib growing popularity makes no sense because everybody knows the supporters are unshakable and would still support whoever, just look at PMLN supports.

Like seriously. look at all party supporters

but Hamza Abbasi claim to have (an illegal possession) leaked manuscript and hacked emails is something that would for sure shake PTI in court.

more tweets can be found at Reham Khan and Hamza’s official twitter account

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