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Rehman Nayyer Khan is a Pakistani British journalist and film maker. She is from a very strong family background. Her father, Nayyer Ramzan, is a famous Pakistani physician and his uncle is the former governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Abdul Hakeem Khan, he was also former chief justice of Peshawar high court. Basically Rehman Khan is from Pashtun origin from the clan of Lughmani which is the sub clan of Swati tribe. Her home town is a small town called Baffa which is in the suburbs of city of Mansehra in KPK province of Pakistan.

Reham Khan Biography

Reham Khan Age

Reham Khan was born on April 03rd 1973 in Ajdabiya which is a city in Libya. So according to her date of birth, she is 44 years old at the moment.

Age of Reham Khan

Reham Khan Education

Her family moved to Libya in early 60s, where she had her early education and then her family moved back to Pakistan where her father started practicing as a general physician in Peshawar. Reham had her bachelor degree in education from Jinnah College for Women in Peshawar and then went to UK where she studied broadcasting journalism from North Lindsey College. She also got her post graduate diploma from Grimsby in United Kingdom.

Reham Khan education

First Husband of Reham Khan

First husband of reham khan

Reham  got married in 1993 at the age of 19 to a Pakistani national British Psychiatrist Dr. Ejaz Rehman and that’s how she got her British nationality. From this marriage, they have 3 children. She took great care of her kids and remained a house wife till 2005, when she got divorced from Dr. Ejaz. Their children stayed with their mother.

Daughter of Reham Khan

Reham khan family

Mother of reham khan

Reham Khan with her son & family

Reham Khan daughter

Reham & Imran Khan Marriage

Imran Khan looking at Reham

She married again in 2015 to the famous and most influential politician in Pakistan, Imran Khan Niazi and she got real fame after this marriage because this marriage was conducted in a very tense situation during very struggling times for Imran Khan and his political party. She took part in many party meetings but unfortunately this marriage lasted only for few months. She married to Imran Khan on January 06th 2015 and got divorced in October 2015.

Reham Khan & Imran Khan Wedding

Reham with Imran Khan

Professional Career of Reham Khan

Working for BBC ex wife of imran khan

Reham started her professional career right after her first divorce from Dr. Ejaz, when she was in United Kingdom. She started working as a journalist in 2006 and started hosting a show on Legal TV in Great Britain. From there, she went on going to achieve her goals and right after one year in 2007, she started presenting for Sunshine Radio Hereford and Worcester. And then, pursuing her career in journalism, Reham Khan joined British top news channel BBC as a broadcasting journalist, where she worked for about 4 years.

Reham Khan Working for BBC

She decided to move back to Pakistan in 2013 and started working in different news channels in Pakistan and got very famous after her interview with Imran Khan. Before her marriage with Imran Khan, she also started a current affair talk show on NEO TV in Pakistan by name “Tabdilee” which means change, and it was also the slogan for Imran Khan’s political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI).

Reham Khan Professional Career

Currently, she is working with Dawn news and also working as a film producer and director. Her first film, that was released in September 2016 named “JANAAN” is a romantic comedy and got lots of publicity after releasing word wide.

Contacting Reham Khan

You can contact her by many different means, as she is a very famous journalist. She is very active on social and electronic media in Pakistan and she also has her official website.





Pictures of Reham Khan

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reham khan age

Reham Khan BBC

Reham Khan Pictures

Reham in Lahore

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Reham Khan in Black Dress

Imran Khans Wife in BBC

Beautiful reham khan

Reham Khan stunning

Instagram of reham


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