Red Warrant for Gen Pervaiz Musharaf’s Arrest Via Interpol

Chairman of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) General (Retd)  Pervaiz Musharaf has been summoned to appear in court for the Treason case against him. A special court bench that was formed in 2013 is hearing this case and they previously ordered to confiscate properties of Gen Pervaiz Musharaf. This Special court has ordered interior ministry to go ahead and suspend the identity card and Passport of former president and Pakistan Army Chief Gen(Retd) Pervaiz Musharaf. Furthermore, court bench ordered Government of Pakistan especially the ministry of Interior to coordinate with Interpol for Pervaiz Musharaf’s arrest.

The Special Court has released Red Warrant for the arrest of Pervaiz Musharaf from United Arab Emirates (UAE) via Interpol. Secretary-General of APML Dr. Muhammad Amjad told the media that Gen (Retd) Pervaiz Musharaf has decided to come back to the country and will face all the trials against him and he will be returning back to Pakistan by the end of April.

Red Warrant for Gen Pervaiz Musharaf's Arrest Via Interpol 1

In this Regard, Pervaiz Musharaf’s Lawyer Mr. Akhtar Shah has requested interior ministry to provide foolproof security for Pervaiz Musharaf upon his return to Pakistan. He asked for full foolproof security for Musharaf to attend his court hearings and his appearance in front of the special court. APML has called for an emergency meeting of the party leadership in Dubai on March 21st where they will decide to take what suitable action and some analyzing security situation.

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  1. There seems to be a ploy against Nawaz.Mush has lot of secrets about NS.The one is NS son writing a letter to Indian PM when NS was jailed,asking him for help.NS backstabbing in Kasmir on Kargil,NS investments in India.Thus Pakistanis will watch two seditions togethe.One is against STATE(by NS) ans other against constitution(by Mush).To safeguard estate is more important.If there is no state,you don’t need a constitution.

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