Recycle Self-Pity Into Self-Care

Imagine, self-pity is the kingdom of negativity and you are the crowned individual.

A state of blaming oneself continuously, seeking sympathy and then regretting confronting someone puts you in a cycle where you are constantly miserable.

It starts with the question of ‘why does everything bad happen to me’ to ‘yeah it is supposed to happen to me’ and then eventually being habitual to the situation. You become addicted to seeing the worst, thinking the worst, imagining the worst, and sometimes even wanting the worst. Basically, you see yourself as a pathetic needful creature and sometimes people tend to call it ‘the acceptance of destiny’.

All these negativity can be summed up in two words Self-pity. It is not a constant state of life but surely an unhealthy one. Here is how you recycle the negative into positive ones.

Don’t question your emotions, answer them!

Many people tend to question the rationality of their emotions during the self-pity phase and decide this is how life is meant to be. One of the signs of mentally strong people is that they let the emotions flow. They allow themselves to experience emotions like grief, disappointment, and loneliness for a while.

Heads up! Negative thoughts down

Negative thinking and inactivity is dangerous! It fuels self-pity. A realistic map to goals will show many hurdles. Sometimes, it is hard to lift the rock up but if we only think that it can’t be lifted then we will not be able to look around the right way to lift it. A pause in the process to success is not a failed process. Breath and think of way around strategies.

Realistic Perception

The hard times seems the longest but actually it is  just a false perception. Eh, this too shall pass! Rather than focusing on the period of hardship it is recommended to focus that ‘things never remain constant”. Good or bad, time will change.

Beat yourself at your own dare

It is most quoted phrase “tell life, challenge accepted!!” but at hard times you have to fight your negative thoughts the most. Along with life tell your negative mentality that challenge accepted! Dare yourself to be the best and beat it! Perform behavioral experiments to prove your negative thoughts wrong.

Help the ones you can while you can’t help yourself

First of all, what goes around comes back around. Secondly, appreciation holds power over our reward path in brain. Help others through the slightest act, it will not only help you lift up and put you in a good mood but you might even find solution to your problem.

Get in shape without going to the gym!

A way to get back your health. Weight your intelligence regulate your thoughts, manage your emotions, and behave productively despite your circumstances. Be more precise and desirable to lift the rock and control over life.

Although, it is indeed to suggest what to do but harder to be productive. Remember, it is okay to take a while and breath. Don’t attempt to get rid of self-pity at once but be patient and be proud of little success step by step.


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