Reasons Your House is a Guest House if You are an Islamabadi

So here is to the brave and non-complaining people of Islamabad, You guys are brave and we know it, forget the people who call you Burgers. You guys provide shelter to the thousands of nieces, nephews, uncles, aunties, susral waly andintahai door k rishtay daar, just because you live in Islamabad. Here are a few reasons that why your house is a guest house if you live in Islamabad and have a lot of family members living across Punjab and Sindh:

1. Some one has an Admission Test

Now there is a stage in every family that kids are small, they are studying in whatever school or college their local area provides them, life is good, you are happy until one whole generation born with slight gaps in a year finishes college and strives to get admissions in renown Universities which are in Islamabad. Either way, one week of your life gets entirely dedicated to the guests who come in pools. Like if one kid has to get admission whole family will come along “chalo sair b ho jaye gi!”

2. Kisi ka Honeymoon Ho

Now this is the most awkward situation, like the awkward situation of the year award is made for this situation. If someone is newly wed and decides to get their necessary post marriage vacation in Islamabad. It becomes worse when the couple is your door k rishtay daar and one of them is related to you and the other one just joined the family. In that case it becomes your responsibility somehow to keep the legacy of the family traditions and each and every “bharam” and “maan” of lets say Dulha bhai so that the pride of family is maintained. Sometimes they send other family members too because “chalo sair b ho jaye gi!”

3. Family sair sapatta

Now the people from Punjab, if they wanna quench their craving for observing the mightiness of nature and by which, I mean when they feel “Mountains are calling them”, they just pack their bags and come to the most convenient hill station of Pakistan, yeah you got me! It’s Islamabad. So, it’s like a total adventure for a person from Punjab or Sindh to see the hill station that accompanies you on Motorway and the temperature change is absolutely crazy for them.

4. Higher education

See, at first the kids wanted an admission, but now they got admission and instead of being proud of your sister’s or brother’s “family ka farzand” a bell start ringing in your mind, what if they don’t allow their kid to live in Hostel and they have to live with us for a period of four years, and then getting settled, and then Masters. This actually happens people, especially, in the case of girls, when they can’t find any appropriate hostel. So, what they do is that they simply start living with you, and that’s the neatness of being a Burger that you can’t say no!

5. Visa deals

This one is a short stay, if someone from your family is going abroad and requires a Visa, which is to be get from the embassy and which lies in Islamabad, then “of course you can stay with us!” someone will be yell on the phone right now while I am telling you this, as this is such a frequent situation. So, in this case, maybe they don’t do the night-stay but the pain is still the same.

6. Airport k mehman

Epic one here, “Lo bhai Visa lag gya”, now its time to rukhsat the family member, Now we Pakistani’s are never satisfied with one single goodbye, we’ll be like three or four goodbyes, starting from our own door step, the Bus terminal to Islamabad, The Bus Terminal at Islamabad and ending up at the home of the poor soul you have at Islamabad. The whole village will come, to say goodbye, which makes the actual resident of the house pray for their banishment from this city!

7. Allergy test

Who ever made Islamabad, the capital, I have a question for you, “Why was that necessary to put every freaking single important office here, why?”. Here comes the most busy place of Islamabad, which offers you no-where-to-be-found low rates allergy tests and medicines. God forbid if any family person of yours has allergies (I have serious sincerity for Islamabadians when I say “Godforbidden”), they will give you a nice short visit in which most of the time they won’t even be in the house, but after the first procedure, it would be your responsibility for the next two and a half years, to provide them with their medicines, which can only be obtained from Islamabad, and only after facing the crucifying pain of standing in an illiterate hajoom all day.

Seriously people jokes apart, you Punjabis and Pakhtuns and Sindhis brag for hospitality, I just explained the hospitality and it belongs to us! The Islamabadis, hats off people!

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