Reasons For Suicide Rise in Pakistan

The word suicide comes from a Latin word sue (of oneself) and cide (a killing). Suicide is premeditated, self inflicted death that can take one’s own life. It is the feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and being trapped to belief that things will never change or get well again. We know the problems yet we remain aloof to them simply distancing ourselves from them as if it’s about other people and not us. Some factors which influence suicide are isolation, bullying, social media, loss of relationship, perception of being a burden, unemployment, poverty and discrimination etc.

Reasons For Suicide in Pakistan

Self is always considered as an umbrella term and it’s a whole part of an individual which consists of traits. This concept has three different components which are Self image, Self esteem and Ideal self. Self image is what a person sees in him or her. A person’s self image is affected by many factors like parental influence, mental illness, peer pressure and media etc. People who try to commit suicide thinks that they are failures and worthless. Society makes them believe that they are of no use and there is no place of such people in society.

If a child is unable to fulfill his parent’s dream, he thinks that it’s useless to live in this world.When he fails his exam, he thinks that it’s the end of his life. e.g Peer pressure is forcing a person to commit suicide as friends are daunting them in everything. When they are being discriminated on the basis of their family background and lifestyle etc, they hate themselves because they are not having all those luxuries which other are having. They are being tortured at every level; friends make fun of them and leave them alone. e.g A person is influenced by media in committing suicide because misleading and inappropriate contents are shown in movies and different shows. It spreads negativity around them. e.g A person is being judged on their looks, color, height, weight and religion etc which starts creating hate for themselves leading to zero self image. When they see themselves in mirror, they start feeling guilty; they want to end their lives because they think that no one likes them etc.

Reasons For Suicide Rise in Pakistan

Self esteem plays an important role in a person’s life. It’s like how much we accept ourselves and in what ways. The factors that influence self esteem are:

  • The reaction of others: When our friends and family starts avoiding us, they neglect us, they are not interested in listening to our problems, they pass negative comments on us, they degrade us, it ultimately creates a bad image of ours in our mind. These things leads to very low self esteem which later forces a person to commit suicide. On your every encouraging act, someone discourages you or de-motivates you; your self esteem gets low mechanically. And you start thinking negative about yourself.
  • Comparison with others: When people start comparing a person with others who are better in everything like looks, studies, background etc, there self esteem gets low because they start hating themselves. When parents are comparing their child with another child who is getting good grades and is genius, child automatically starts thinking that he is dumb and he can never do something good in his life or he can never achieve good grades. Like this, he doesn’t even try to study hard because his self esteem gets zero. This can also lead to suicide.

suicide a social issue in pakistan

  • Social roles: Social roles are the social status or position of a person. When social role carries stigma, self esteem is decreased. People always want that they should be accepted by others. When they aren’t accepted socially, they create negative image about themselves. If someone is a sweeper, he is not accepted socially because of his low standards and position in society. He is poor. He is treated badly, no one respects him. Due to this, his self esteem gets low. He thinks that he is useless and he hates himself for the job he is doing. His hate can lead to suicide.
  • Identification: Identification is a part of our personality. We are identified with the position we occupy, the roles we play and the groups we belong to. You are bullied and identified as a fat person. You feel bad because people call you fat and ask you to lose your weight. You start hating your body because you feel depressed while listening to others. This can also trigger a person in committing suicide.

Conclusion: Suicide is a major issue of our society which is neglected. When a person commits suicide, people think that he is coward. We never try to understand the feelings of others. Instead of helping them emotionally and guiding them, we start making fun of them which breaks their self esteem and their self image is shattered. Words have powerful impact on a person’s life. Few bad words can devastate a person’s life. So we should deliver our words wisely. We should help people who are thinking or trying to attempt suicide. We should conduct proper counseling programs. We should listen to their problems and identify the major causes of suicidal thoughts. Drugs and other illegal things should be banned.

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