Really? Armeena Khan Hates Shopping

Armeena Khan is a Pakistani TV & firm actress who holds Canadian nationality. She was born in Canada on March 30th, 1987 & lives in London. She has an excellent height of 5′.7″ & her star in Torus.

In a recent interview, she said that she hates shopping (really? are you a woman?). Whenever she has to go shopping, it’s like pushing herself out of bed for doing something she never wanted (just like going to work on a Monday morning). Most of her shopping in done by her sister.

Following is the list of TV dramas & films that she has appeared in:

  • Janaan

Amreena Khan in Janaan

  • Bin Roye

Amreena Khan in Bin Roye

  • Yalghaar

Armeena Khan in yalghaar

  • Rasam E Duniya

Armeena Khan in Rasam E Duniya

  • Huff It’s Too Much

Armeena Khan in Huff Its Too Much

  • The Real Target

Armeena Khan in The Real target

  • Unforgettable

Armeena Khan in uforgettable

  • Muhabbat Ab Nahi Hugi

Armeena Khan in Muhabbat Ab Nahi Hugi

  • Karb

Armeena Khan in Karb

  • Ishq Parast

Armeena Khan in Ishq Parast


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