Real Life Zombies Caught on Camera

Zombies are mostly associated with the movies and stories, but here are real life zombies that were caught on camera in action by the random people.All these videos are real and some of them were released by the police.

  • Zombie in Brazil

This topless man with the blooded mouth was seen in brazilian hospital. his responses seems mostly incoherent and he can’t even stand still.

  • Zombie Came Through Car Sunroof

This video was taped by a man from his appartment when he saw a shirtless man attacking a lady driving a car. Who jumped on her car and tried to get inside the car from the sunroof. Lady was later rescued by the police on time.

  • The Feigning Zombie

In this video caught by the CCTV camera a zombie can be seen when he hit by a car and blood can be seen in the video when the driver of the car came to investigate the situation and check the man that zombie started crawling toward the driver and attacked him by knocking him down on the road and start biting his neck.

  • Attack In the Parking Lot

In this video London Police officer is chasing a man in the parking lot when man approached towards a parked car in the parking lot and attacked the driver of the car dragged him out of the car window and bit on his neck and ran away in the same direction he was running earlier.

  • Miami Cannibal Attack

This video wa released by Miami police and that happened in 2012 in which a man was consuming the flesh of a homeless man in broad day light on the side of the road, when police approaced him he started grawling at them and decided not to comply with their orders. Police Shot him 5 times in order to control that man.

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