Real Life People With Super Powers No Fiction

Super powers are mostly associated with super heroes in movies but in this video we will show you real life people with real super powers that you have to see to believe. Decide yourself.

  • Girl With Third Eye

9-year-old girl named yogamatha, claims that she can read & write with her eyes blind folded totally.

  • Telekinetic in Bangkok

In streets of Bangkok Thailand a guy can perform telekinesis, and able to make things float with the power of his hands without the involvement of any cords or strings.

  • Man With the Most Powerful Fist

Pat Povulitous is a man with the most powerful fist in the world that can bear the most powerful animal traps that can break through the bones.

  • Kid With Night Vision

Nong youhui is a kid from china who has the ability to see in the dark and he can write in pitch black darkness. his eyes flash neon green when illuminated by flash light.

  • Ice man

Wim Hof is known as ice man holding many world records and can withstand the extreme cold conditions

  • Electricity Man

Raj Mohan from India can conduct more than 10 amp of electricity through his body without experiencing any electric shock.

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