Rauf Klasra’s Urdu Column افسردگی کے موسم

This Urdu column by Rauf Klasra was published in Dunya News on 19th July, 2017. On Tuesday, Muhamamd Malik & Amir Mateen, who were present in the Supreme Court of Panama Papers case hearing, said that probably, PM Nawaz Sharif will get disqualified by the court. But, we can’t say anything till the courts decide something. Anything can happen in Pakistan, so, we’ve to wait. It’s been also said that the situation has gone bad enough that now only a miracle can save the Prime Minister.

Read Rauf Klasra’s column, افسردگی کے موسم in Urdu:

Rauf Klasra Urdu Column Afsurdagi Ke Mosam

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