Radio is Still One of The Best Source of Entertainment. Here’s Why

The source of entertainment started with FM (frequency-modulated) radio. The frequency was invented by Edwin Armstrong. In 1926, National Broadcasting Company (NBC) was launched under David Sarnoff. In Pakistan the first announcement through FM was made by Mustafa Ali Hamdani under Pakistan Broadcasting Service that too of our independence in English and Urdu.

Radio is Still One of The Best Source For Entertainment. Heres Why

The announcement was heard as:

السلام علیکم
پاکستان براڈ کاسٹنگ سروس ۔ ہم لاہور سے بول رہے ہیں ۔تیرا اور چودہ اگست ، سنہ سینتالیس عیسوی کی درمیانی رات ۔ بارہ بجے ہیں ۔ طلوع صبح آزادی ۔ ‬

Greetings Pakistan Broadcasting Service. We are speaking from Lahore. The night between the thirteenth and fourteenth of August, year forty-seven. It is twelve o’clock. Dawn of Freedom.

Radio is Still One of The Best Source For Entertainment.

Further new expansions were opened in Karachi and Rawalpindi in 1948. It gave the luxury of listening those gold humor comedy shows and dramas along with all sort of news. This technology for joy was modified from scenario, a number of people gathered around a big box to many phone companies just eliminating this feature and is widely replaced by television and Mp player.

Radio is Still One of The Best Source For Entertainment..

Here are a Few Reasons Why Radio is Still One Of The Best Source Of Entertainment

1) It’s best for the old school people who miss the black and white era songs. These songs are broadcast everyday morning to noon and then at dawn, whole day to say. So, tune the channel and give your parents a good Sunday.

2) Being indecisive in favorites is not at all a problem. you can catch up with not only all the trendy songs but old 2000’s one Urdu, English, Hindi; you name it human and even all instrument musical as well.

3) If you are lucky you can still find some humorous old style comedy on radio.

4) There is news and then there is hilarious topics and callers.
FM is a great escape from our typical eat work sleep routine also its amusing to bet if what you hearing is a song or an ad.

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