Quratulain Balouch Did THAT!

So this just in, QB aka, our very own Quratulain Balouch teamed up with an international artist for the The World Cup’s official anthem.

Wondering who the international artist is?

It’s Jason Derulo.

Facilitated by Coca-Cola, the anthem is named ‘Colors‘ and not only is it incredibly catchy, incredibly bomb, and it’s got a wonderful message. It basically promotes unity, being proud of your identity and country.

The song explores the significance of unity and celebration, coming together as one, despite all the differences.

The song beautifully captures the variety of cultures in the music video as Derulo sings his best in English, while Balouch brings the twist to the song with soulful Urdu lyrics in between. It’s an unexpected twist of the two languages and it’s beautiful.

This epic song is a masterpiece of its own accord, don’t forget to watch the World Cup and stream this musical triumph.


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