Quotes You Will Only Relate To If You’re An Introvert

Being an introvert is not just a myth, it is a psychological defined personality term which refers to individuals who have introversion dominant over extraversion, people who have an inner psychic orientation. They drive energy from within themselves or alone time as compared to extroverts who drive energy from the outer world and thrive at parties.

Here are some authentic quotes for all true introverts or if you want to find out if you are one, because even apparently extroverted people can sometimes be introverts at heart!

‘Get away to the comfort of my room’

Home is the ultimate paradise

It’s too exhausting to be honest

A good company where you can truly express your interests and self, matters

‘Please go away, I’m introverting’

The perfect love story

It all comes down to embracing silence.

Weekend plans for eternity.

So do you feel you can relate to these personality traits? If so, you might be an introvert at heart. Or if not entirely introverted, you might be an ‘ambivert’. Am ambivert is someone who thrives in both aspects of experiencing, like being outgoing and social but also enjoying a good cozy lone time. The only difference is that for introverts a simple night-in can be like heroin.


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