PTI to Launch Public Contact Campaign

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has decided to launch its first public contact campaign. The decision to launch this campaign was taken after general talks by party’s summit leadership. The force is expected to be held in two phases, and will consist of a number of public gatherings across the country for the reason of making people aware of achievements made by the PTI government so far in their 75-day tenure.

The government will also make use of this podium to update people of future development plans. As per sources within the PTI, the party leadership on the one hand will try to tap up support for policies and taking measures as per a scheme in order to decide pressing issues of the country, while on the other is revisiting the current political situation and personally monitoring strategy against opposition parties.

Sources revealed that the PTI leadership has decided to give a befitting response to anti-government propaganda and strategy of the opposition. Sources further said that the government hopes to launch the campaign as soon as possible.

Federal and provincial ministers of the party as well as elected members of the National and Provincial Assemblies and other party leaders will address open stages based on a preset schedule in the first phase.

The government believes these open courts will help out them in knowing problems of the people, with the ministers hearing and recording their issues to formulate recommendations and forward them to the provincial and federal governments. Based on these suggestions, the government will chalk out policy for necessary action.

Provisionally, in the second phase, the PTI will hold public gatherings at various districts, which Prime Minister Imran Khan will himself address along with federal and provincial ministers, who will inform the public about performance of the government and future projects.

The public gatherings will be held in various phases in major cities including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Quetta. Additionally, public gatherings will also be held in smaller districts as per schedule.

Furthermore, the public contact campaign is also being started to set stage for the local body’s elections. The leadership is eyeing victory in all districts so the government can provide the people by making district government as a model for governance.

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