PTCL Internet Services Are Down in Pakistan

Internet services throughout Pakistan are being affected by the fault that occurred in the international undersea fiber cable of IMEWE near Jeddah. Pakistan telecommunication authority (PTCL) is the major provider of internet connectivity to domestic & offices in Pakistan. Their General Manager, Imran Janjua said that the fault will be repaired in some time and the technical support team is already looking into it.

PTCL is the largest provider of DSL services in Pakistan and with their connectivity interruption, there’s a severe frustration in the users. Though, PTCL is trying to fulfill the local internet usage requirements by alternate means but the full services will only be restored after the issue in the submarine fiber optic cable is resolved.

A text message to the subscribers of PTCL internet users has also been floated, “Dear Customer, a fault has occurred in one of the submarine cable system which may cause slow browsing. Team is working to resolve it. Sorry for inconvenience.”

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