Procrastination: The Modern Mass Serial Killer

It isn’t HIV or Chronic Heart disease but it’s just as deadly and has been killing at a steady rate this century. Deadlier than a female scorned, it is almost always too late to rescue oneself from this malady. The term has not only become a norm in the species but a trend of sorts. Get real Y’all: procrastination is nothing that awards you bragging rights, nor is it something to joke about.


It sweeps through our population, and some see it as a neverending plague of the modern ages. As a society, we must overcome what has taken over the entire planet. However, let’s do that tomorrow; it’s time to stream Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Procrastination develops over time and takes just as much effort as being proactive. First, you find yourself putting off small tasks that you could complete within a few minutes, like dusting your bookshelf or folding your clothes. Then, it’s that small reading your professor sent you for tomorrow’s class, but that can be read in five minutes and you can easily read it before class.


Before long, you’ll find yourself postponing projects till the last possible moment: however, ten more things come up, you’re crying, someone’s screaming, there’s a fire in the building, it’s all a mess. Some days, you’ll be found guilty of becoming the clean freak, or an organizational guru all because of this one task you do not want to do.

Here’s a little advice: whatever task you dread the most, don’t think of doing it. Just do it. Don’t prolong it by thinking about it too much. Do it.

Procrastination gets progressively worse until you’ve ruined your life and are sat in a puddle of your own tears as well as your roommates. Recognize the symptoms and get the help you deserve, especially due to exam season blowing up in our faces.


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