Process to Visit Pakistan Parliament House

According to the official website of the Senate of Pakistan, anyone can now book a visit to view the spectacular Parliament House simply by applying for a booking to the Protocol department of Senate Secretariat keeping in mind that they have done so a week in advance.  This should be done preferably in days when the House will be in session. The procedure is simple; you must email your application to the Director Protocol, senate secretariat Mr. Tariq Bin Waheed.

Once there, you will see that the magnificent parliamentary house that we have seen growing up, on the news is a five storied building. The ground floor includes a restraint, a bank, the main foyer, a dispensary, post and telegraph offices, PIA reservation office and a mosque to accommodate about four hundred and fifty people in prayer. For visitors’ easy movement there are direction boards throughout the building.

The Senate Hall is next, being able to accommodate about 124 Parliamentarians whereas the galleries above can accommodate 353 persons. This chamber is equipped with all the modern communications systems such as the Simultaneous Interpretation System (SIS) which is state of the art micro computer technology.

The National Assembly Hall is an elliptical shaped building with a distance across of 130 feet. The primary Chamber has seating limit with respect to 448 Parliamentarians. The corridor is furnished with electronic sheets and a complex open address framework. The lobby climbs bit by bit in levels. Flanking the lobby on three sides of the circuit are seating ranges for guests which can accommodate up to 822 people. A separate area has been reserved for individuals from the Press.

The Magnificent Parliament Hall

The outline of the building is with the end goal that the three upper floors seem smaller in size as compared to the two underneath. There are also four light wells, one at each side of the building which reflects daylight into the building. The Parliament House is flanked on the North West by a terraced yard which is spread before the Aiwan-e-Sadr. The front yard of the Parliament building has a sizeable gathering of trees planted by different remote dignitaries, who went by Pakistan occasionally after the initiation of Parliament Building in 1986.

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