Procedure to File FIR (First Information Report) in Punjab

An FIR is the first hand account of a registered offence that is entered in a particular format in a register at the police station. Every person has a right to report any matter at the concerned police station and have a case registered in the form of an FIR. The matter may be reported orally or in writing to an officer at a police station or on patrol. An officer who receives an oral report shall reduce it to writing and cause it to be recorded in the FIR register. A certified copy of the FIR, signed by an officer bearing the stamp of the police station is to be provided to the person who reports the crime.

No police officer has the authority to refuse registration of a case. In case a crime is reported and a case is not registered, the person who reports the crime must inform the Sub Divisional Police Officer or the Superintendent of Police or the District Police Officer responsible for law and order in that particular area.

The FIR management system created for Punjab Police is an effort to advance the competence of the police department by making the records related to crime and law & order readily available to police officers and other law enforcing agencies. The system has not only proven to be effective in accelerating the investigation and enforcement process, but also regulated the face of the overall FIR system by modifying the complete FIR procedure inside and outside the police station making it self sufficient and user friendly. The FIR system has not only enhanced the security, but also created ease in regulating the activities of police stations in cities and districts; successfully achieving the monetary aspects and time effectiveness altogether.

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