Priyanka Chopra Now Soon To Be Mrs. Jonas!

Let me just add, Priyanka Chopra now finally soon to be Mrs. Jonas! It’s no secret that we’ve all been anticipating this moment when Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra would make it official and they just did! In a simplistically heartfelt Instagram post by both parties, they declared their engagement for the world to know.

Their infamous relationship has been under criticism by many since the couple has made their public debut together, with various debates about their age gap and such but love needs no boundaries and they prove that with the adorable declaration!

They had a traditional Hindu ceremony of ‘roka’ for their engagement, making it really real.

Congratulations to them!

And the world can’t stop gushing over them either as people continue to take to social media to share their feelings on this and we can only wish them well for their journey ahead together.


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