Priyanka Chopra Conquering Self Doubt Video Is Conquering Everybody’s Heart

We all have self-doubt, don’t we? Each one of us have experienced that but women often have to suffer more due to the society being extra judgemental of them which makes them even more doubtful of her image.

Priyanka Chopra, the famous and successful Indian actress who has achieved a lot in Hollywood, Bollywood and even in music industry stumbled upon self-doubt while one of her photo shoot. A magazine Allure shared her Conquering self-doubt video where she points at conditioning of women and advised them to notice the moment of self-doubt.

It is true that each social application has introduced some feature for improving the face such as snapchat. Beside the funny face shape or objects filter, some can make your face look thin, give you fair color and  removes all blemishes. Almost every phone company has introduced an inbuilt beauty feature that helpd you edit your pictures to such an extent that the natural face is completely transformed.

In another video she read some regrettable headlines. She mentioned how magazines or internet articles target our self-esteem while claiming to help us by losing weight and getting a fair glowing face. The only thing that has changed is that these magazines are bashed for such headlines more now. However, the beauty standards have remained the same for a long time. Priyanka Chopra has shared some very important insights to us. We should learn to doubt ourselves less.


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