Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Are Officially A Thing And We Think They Make A Cute Couple!

After months of speculation it has been finally confirmed that American singer Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are the new hot couple in town. From their frequent hang outs to actually meeting each other’s families, vacationing together and being part of each others Instagram stories, they are officially together and in love. It seems that Pardesi Babu has accepted this Desi Dil with open arms.

Although no official statements have come out from either of them, it seems as if they want to tie the knot. Priyanka took Nick with her to India to meet her mother and we’re guessing or perhaps hoping it’s to discuss the wedding date. We couldn’t be happier for them for they make an unbelievably cute couple! No matter what the age difference. Love has no limits or boundaries.

It looks like finally laal dupatta urr gaya re PC ka hawa ke jhoke se 

They were first seen together during the Met Gala of 2017 where both of them happened to wear Ralph Lauren and decided to come out together, no one thought of them as a couple at the time . But do not let Nick’s baby cheeks fool you because he has officially wooed one of the most sought after women in the World.


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