Prime Minister Imran Khan Chooses Saudi Arabia For First Official International Visit

All streets of Saudi Arabia have been decorated with Pakistani flags. This is because Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan made his first official visit to Saudi Arabia. Prime Minister chose Saudi Arabia to do his first international visit.

Imran Khan visited Saudi Arabia with a delegation consisting of Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Fawad Chaudry, Dawood Musheer, Arshad Umer, and Abdul Razaq Farooq.

Imran Khan received such a warm welcome, the likes of which never seen before. Imran Khan also performed Ziarat in Madina and Umrah in Mekkah and will also meet the Pakistani community of Saudi Arabia.

The Prime Minister will also meet Saudi’s king Salman Bin Abdul Aziz and Mohammad Bin Salman. Pakistan has always supported Saudi Arabia regionally and internationally but Saudi Arabia was not so aligned with Pakistan for a while because of the refusal to send armed forces to Yemen.

Now things might change for both countries a bit, it is expected that Pakistan may be able to receive a lot of aid from Saudi Arabia. The two countries will have defense and economic agreements now.

Let’s hope for the best for these two countries and their negotiations.


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