Prevention or Treatment? You Decide

In this current world we live in, with the current news, current gossip, and current issues also resides a very significant issue of health and health facilities for the general population especially lower class members in our society. With the advancement of man it seems the health condition is only going downhill in terms of the generalized data of overall populations, specifically those in developing or under developed countries.

Where many work to treat the many prevailing diseases in the world right now and provide cure and treatments, it’s important to remember the reason these diseases spread too. From lack of resources, lack of facilities, lack of understanding and above all lack of knowledge and accurate and relevant information.

It’s better safe than sorry, as the saying goes, and it can’t be denied that it is definitely easier to stop the glass from falling, than to cry over split milk.

There’s countless proof out there that I don’t need to quote here, but the point of the matter simply is, to focus on education more than repair of created damage. Its to focus on not creating any damage at all to be picked up later. Lives of millions of people are lost on the daily, simply because of bad environments, bad health and bad resources because of ill information. For example, it is widely known that Hepatitis-C is caused from filthy, infiltrated water, which is actually completely false, as Hepatitis-C is actually spread through blood transfusions, and bodily fluids. It is differences such as these that can save so many people.

It’s time to focus on learning and education, enforcement and protection before we reach treatment.


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