President Sahib Proved the Non-protocol Merch at Islamabad Airport

Our president sahib, has won hearts by observing the non-protocol merch that PTI did a whole campaign about. President Arif Alvi was travelling to Turkey with the first lady to Turkey. He was invited for the inauguration of World’s new claimed to be largest airport in Turkey Ataturk Airport. He went with a crew of four to five people. He took a private airlines plane just like other passengers. He waited in lines and completed all the boarding procedures. He even sat in the waiting lounge all by himself and minimal security.

People have all gone gaga about this. I wish that in a few years this attitude becomes so normal and we get so used to it that it never remains a big deal. Recently another PTI member and Minister for interior Shehriyar Khan Afridi was also seen going to the parliament on a bike. Though he was not wearing a helmet, but the fans appreciated his behavior and expected for more. Here are a few pictures from the event described.


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