Prescribed Medications in Pakistan, ARE THEY SAFE?

Prescribed drugs are also known as medication. They seem innocent and without any side effects but any prescribed medication can be lethal. It should not be consumed without doctor’s prescription as the excess dosage can lead up to an addiction and more you consume them, more it will have a negative effect. There are many drug addicts who will admit that they had started their journey towards the darkest side by simply consuming more than the dosage prescribed by the doctor.

onax use

Prescribed drugs are often given to the patients who suffer from chronic back pain, body pains, insomnia, depression and anxiety. Continuous use have severe side effects.

Overdosing can lead to death in some circumstances.

In Pakistan, they are regularly available over the counter and anyone can just walk into pharmacy without any prescription and purchase them. Over a long period, body get used to with a regular dosage and urge for more lead patients to do hardcore drugs. Following are the worst prescribed medication and they should be avoided or it should not be abused by taking extra dosage without doctor’s notice.

Xanax, also known as ONAX and Street Name Xenies

It is often given to patients as a treatment for severe anxiety. It helps patient to fall asleep easily. But for anyone who abuses it, it may turn to a nightmare and it is very easy to get addicted to them. On consumption in large dosage it can effect memory, hearing and sleep. It is highly recommended to avoid consuming without your doctor’s prescription and knowledge. No one wants to walk in the morning without having any memory about it.

Onax in pakistan


Ativan is also given to people with severe anxiety disorder or depression. It knocks a person out completely within 30 minutes and has severe side effects. Many admit that they have used it for long period and had difficulty getting off it. It may seems simple but it has been used in past as a date rape tablet. It effects memory and consumer may not have memory of their any actions during sleep. They may also not feel a thing. It is only prescribed under severe circumstances and helps person to fall asleep instead of taking his or her anger out on general public.

Rohypnol, Street Name Roofies/Forget Me Pill/Rope/Roche

It is highly sedative drug and illegal in many countries because of its use as a date-rape drug. It is also used as hypnotic and in anesthesia. It can cause semi consciousness and memory blackouts and has been used in committing sexual assault. Drinks are often spiked by it or slipped in drink. It is highly recommended, never to accept any drinks from strangers.

Rohypnol in Pakistan

Panadeine, also known as Paracetamol

The most commonly available medicine in Pakistan is Paracetamol. It is used for fever and pain. Abuse of Paracetamol or Panadeine have been noticed among addicts who cannot get their hands on hardcore drugs. It helps a person to fall asleep if taken in large quantity. Consumption in large amount can be fatal. Many deaths have been reported because of overdose and many countries have limited the purchase of Paracetamol or Panadeine.

Abuse of regular drugs can be fatal for some and others may regret their decision of its consumption. Journey towards Class “A” drugs starts from the abuse of regular prescription. Many Pakistanis have been consuming sleep tablets without knowing their effects. Many other countries have banned sale of such medicines for regular use as today their society have more drug addicts than before and most of the drug addicts admit abusing prescribed medication.


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