Prepare For Father’s Day With These Cute Gift Ideas!

The special day dedicated just for our old mans’ who spend their lives working day and night just to give us the best of everything is around the corner, and it’s time every child, even those who have their own children now, take a little time out of their lives to give to just to their dads.

Though they most probably already have whatever we get them, that doesn’t lessen the sentiment of the gift picked out, or better yet, made by their own children.

Parents deserve the effort, don’t they? Here are some ideas to help you just with that.

Go out of your way, and maybe into the kitchen

Desi dads love food, and that’s a fact. If you know your way around the kitchen, or maybe know someone who does, it’s the perfect opportunity to cook his favourite dish up or anything simpler and convenient because that’ll definitely make his day!

Do a little shopping, for him this time

Do you remember the last time he took you to the mall and you noticed him eying that watch outside a store? Maybe you could save up on a few lunches and buy him that watch or anything else he’s into, just to remind him he deserves those ‘i just like it’ kind of gifts too.

Bring out the artist in you

What’s cuter than a father’s day card? A handmade one. There’s no shame in bringing out those crayons and markers from 5th grade to craft up a unique card that’ll make him giddy with joy.

Take him out instead

It’s always our babas who take us out wherever we want to go, this father’s day cancel all other plans and take him out to dinner or for a cute outing instead. Trust me he’ll love it even if he doesn’t express it right away.

Give him a hug

Honestly, what’s really underrated? Hugs. Especially those cute hugs with your baba that make you both soft on the inside.


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