Predictions Of Nostradamus For 2018

If the interpretations of Nostradamus are correct then the year 2018 is going to be a very eventful year. Below is an account of 5 predictions by Nostradamus about the year 2018:

  • Nature Strikes Back

Mount Vesuvius in italy will erupt in 2018 - Predictions of Nostradamus

Mount Vesuvius is an active volcano in Italy. It has shown sporadic activity in the form of small eruptions throughout this the previous century. Nostradamus predicts that this volcano is going to erupt again in 2018. The prediction says:

It will shape the earth every 5 minutes.

Earthquakes are predicted in China & western parts of America. Additionally as many as 3 volcanoes on the Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean will erupt too, causing huge earthquakes throughout the world. Going by how regularly Mount Vesuvius has exploded in the past, this prediction coming true should not surprise anyone.

As if volcanoes weren’t enough; One of his more poetic predictions go something like this:

For 40 years, the rainbow will not be seen. For 40 Years, it will be seen every day.

It doesn’t take an expert to understand that this refers to droughts and floods occurring at the same time across the world. This could possibly be an indication towards global warming, causing unpredictable and rapidly changing weather. Signs of this are already visible everywhere and they can only get worse.

  • Age of Science 

Nostradamus also predicts that humanity will keep advancing in the field of science. His predictions vaguely, yet surprisingly predicts the advancement is medical sciences leading to increased longevity of humans.

An 80 years old will look just like a 50 year old.

This has been interpreted to mean that human lifespan will go up to 200 and people will stay healthy and look young even in their old age. With the advanced pace in research & medicine, an ever increasing number of people crossing the age of 100, this prediction may very well become a reality.

machine brain interface - Nostradamus predictions for 2018

Another of his predictions has been interpreted as disappearance of language barriers between men. It speaks about a new motor that will bring the world back to its days of the legendary Tower of Babel when everyone spoke the same language. Yet, another of his prediction claims that humans may even be able to speak to animals. While computers have made the first prediction very much possible & true to some extent, the second prediction still has a long way to go before becoming a reality. Maybe machine brain interface is the technology that will allow us to understand the language of our animal companions.

  • Turbulent Economy

The rich would die many times over.

According to some interpretations, this is supposed to means that the world is on the brink of an imminent economic collapse. With so many dire predictions about the future, any of them coming true could indeed lead to disastrous consequences. The current state of the economy itself is one plagued with a growing sense of unease. Owing to the growing income disparity, the biggest economies are struggling with monumental amount of debts. The political climate is one marked by volatility and unpredictability. Resources that the world has depended on for years are now so depleted that we need major technological changes just to survive. The world is still recovering from the financial crises of 2008 which showed how fragile the situation of the economy truly is. Brexit and anti-globalization measures also threaten the tenuous economic situation.

Brexit & poor economy - Nostradamus 2018 predictions

With so many factors, such a crisis is indeed very likely. The chances of this prediction coming true are therefore, very high. We can only hope that it doesn’t become a reality.

  • World War Three

Another future scenario that seem highly likely looking at the current political scenario of the world is World War Three. The US political scene is highly volatile with the probe on Russian intervention in the US elections. President Trump is constantly creating political conflicts with countries like North Korea & China. The migrant crises is plaguing the European continent, bringing it even closer to closing their borders. The threat of terrorism from ISIS & increased terrorist activity in almost every major European country, are also threatening the tenuous peace between countries. North Korea is also testing the waters with their nuclear & missile tests and threats to the United States.

World War Three - 2018 predictions of Nostradamus

Add the present situation to any of the other scenarios, presented by the predictions of Nostradamus before and we have an unprecedented disaster at our hands. World War Three then seems very likely indeed.

The great man will be struck down in the day by a thunderbolts.

Says one of Nostradamus’s prediction. Another one goes like:

Shortly before the sunset, battle is engaged.

It will take all of the leaders of the world working together towards peace to keep away from it. World War three, if it were to happen, will no doubt end civilization as we know it. Life itself may end on earth if we fail to maintain world peace.

  • Calm After The Storm

Not all of Nostradamus’s predictions are bad. Some of them speak of an age of peace & progress. One of them speaks of a 25 year period of peace after a long age of prolonged war.

World Peace in 2018 according to Nostradamus Prediction

Pestilence is extinguished.

It speaks of a smaller world in prolonged peace with people traveling through land & water. This prediction appears to be extremely likely. Looking at the current advancements of technology and political climate, the world has never been this peaceful. Medical sciences have advanced to a stage where most of the world lives relatively disease free lives. Our world has indeed become smaller as people can go anywhere in the world in a matter of hours. We can talk to anyone in the world in seconds. The prediction also shows an indication towards the development of commercial space travel. It, however, ends by saying:

Wars will indeed start again.

However, we would all agree that achieving total peace is a dream that may never be fulfilled but we must keep our hopes up for any amount of peace we can get.

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