Precognition And Déjà Vu: Do They Exist?

How many times have you noticed you’re driving through traffic or walking down a street when the scene in front of you makes you stop and look back? It feels as if you’ve seen or lived that moment before. Déjà vu. But what is deja vu?

Oxford calls deja vu to be a feeling of having already experienced the present situation. While precognition to be foreknowledge of an event, especially as a form of extrasensory perception, so when we experience those moments of second sight, are they real or just an episode of an overactive imagination?

Though prophetic foresight is established as a rightful fact, but those men were of a higher spiritual and mental level; it cannot be expected of the common man of today to be prophetic or psychic in this regard. But it is a very common phenomenon to have those odd moments in the present where you feel as if you’ve seen this before, but how? when? where?

You see someone walk past you and you turn around to get a second look thinking, I’ve seen you somewhere! That vague familiarity with a complete stranger, what is that? A bygone memory, them resembling someone we already know, or just innocent intuition? That, we do not know. So that gives way to the whole aspect of foresight to be questioned. Can it be regarded as real?

Reality, and the prospect of reality has now and again been questioned by man.

Is reality what we perceive as reality? Or is what we put to the side as fiction, the actual reality?  How does something become real, real enough to be termed Real? But this is the type of existential debate that could go on forever, it is where science and religion clash, and yet we still cannot come up with a satisfactory answer to the idea of precognition.

Have I had too many cups of coffee, or are my levels high enough in dopamine to make my sixth sense psychic, I ask myself sometimes. Is it my subconscious reminding me of something significant I’ve potentially forgotten about, or am I simply over-imaginative, comes the sequel. And yet every question and answer I come up with only leads me back to where I started, is it in my head or is it really out there? Can I ever know? Someone will say “The Lord certainly does!” in response to that, and no doubt, but that doesn’t stop our 3 pound mass of supposed intelligence from wondering, does it? The blank is still to be filled and more confusion still to be caused, whether it is a sign, a moment of recalling or just a vague sense of familiarity, the concept of deja vu remains unsolved. But if I were to give a personal opinion on the subject, I’d say man is an animal of many talents and hidden abilities, but how far do they take him? only as far as his cerebrum allows.


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