Poly Cystic Ovaries Syndrome: You Need To Talk About It

Lost a period, considering yourself a virgin mary? Thinking of sneaking out and getting a period inducing pill or worse getting a pregnancy test from the pharmacy. Being girls we all have been there. The pressure of not taking the whole cycle thing as something normal and casual makes it even more worse to bear.

When you get your first period you enter the world of secrecy. It’s like joining a secret order of witches that have made a pact to shed their blood every month and bear all the hardships in silence for good. The problem with all this secret period masonry is that women become a little too much awkward to tell about their irregularities of any kind. Either it is some bacterial infection, extra pain, missing a period etc, etc. With all the revolutions happening, there is a revolution happening in the diseases as well, which can only be taken care of if spoken and taken care of at early stages. One of these many common diseases happening in girls around the world is PCOS (Poly cystic ovaries syndrome).

In Pakistan this problem has got a boost in the past recent years, when lots of girls got obese and were actually diagnosed with this. So, let’s just put the taboo aside and talk about this. So, what actually happens is that normally, a woman releases an egg during the mid-days of her cycle called ovulation phase and if she has a sexual intercourse there is a major chance of that egg getting fertilized by the sperm and ultimately conceive. But if you did not have any coitus then you will get your period which will cleanse your ovaries and uterus for the next cycle getting that unused egg out of the system. In women with PCOS, many eggs are released during ovulation but instead of getting used or wasted they accumulate in the form of cysts. This is because of the increased level of male hormone androgen in you.

Now get your self examined because most of the time when you complain to a doctor for a missing periods they just continue to give you iron pills or diagnose you with stress, when in reality you are accumulating mass. The situation is exposed when it gets painful and bursts out. Other symptoms include becoming extremely overweight or get acne and facial hairs. Now even the doctor diagnoses you properly she will not guide you in this regard because PCOS is not a temporary thing. You have to keep a proper diet, because PCOS also makes you prone to diabetes as the spiking levels of insulin can provoke androgen to increase.

 So, girls, speak up, tell someone if you see any changes in your cycle or any physical changes, go to a doctor regularly, ask her stupid questions clear your mind up and always be guided about your conditions. A little old but true that “An ounce of prevention is better than cure”.


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