Police Robot Mobile Games of Android

Police robot games have been trending in various mobile game stores for a long time. Mostly children of 9 years above are into such simulation games that glorify cop heroes. These mobile games are not limited to a simulation of human personality. There’re a number of animals and other characters that are being used in games, specially over Google Play Store.

A recent game that i played is Leopard Police Robot War Hero. Found on Android play store the game is a testament to Google’s policy of preferring quantity over quality, the fact that such engine based games render the store with precious listings and diversity in content thus creating big data to be pushed at the user. The game in it self is a half hearted effort to combine the mechanics of robots and animals into the mobile gaming engine; the game play is engaging to the point that one plays a couple of levels and as soon as the user realizes the weak plot of the game the interest is lost. Overall such games are designed to be delivered in bulk with the help of rapid application development tools and processes.

It’s not just the case with this one particular game but with almost every game over Android. Google’s play store game searching should be powerful enough to provide the user with what he desires. Just like the power of search, Google holds with it’s web search engine. We hope to see some better results in coming days!

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