Places to Visit in Sialkot

The people of Sialkot are very friendly to the visitors. Many visitors from Europe, Middle East, America, Australia and Asian countries visit Sialkot to see the manufacturing facilities and ordering the products. Anyone who visits this beautiful city cannot resist praising the hospitality of people.

During last few years, the city has progressed rapidly. In order to boost the exports and facilitate the goods and passengers movement, a dry port has been established at Sambrial, and an international airport has been built with the financial support of the local businessmen. Sialkot-Lahore motorway is also planned which, when built, will reduce the distance and travel time between the two cities considerably.

At present no regular public transport is available in the city. There are plans for the introduction of metro bus service in the near future. The most common means of public transport is auto rickshaw. A few taxis are also available. Rental car service is available near the bus station and under Jinnah Park Flyover. Below are some of the sightseeing sites that must no be missed by anyone travelling to the city.

List Of Places to Visit in Sialkot

  1. Seerat Study Center is located on Ghazi Road in the cantonment area.
  2. Imam Ali ul Haq shrine is on Imam Sahib Road.
  3. Iqbal’s Birth Place (Iqbal Manzil/ Museum) in situated on Iqbal Road in the old city.
  4. Sialkot Fort Centuries old fort ruins are in the center of the city on Fort Road.
  5. Baba Bari Sahib Centuries old Sikh shrine (Bari Sahib) is located on Zafarwal Road.
  6. Jinnah Stadium (International Cricket Test Centre) is located on Circular Road.
  7. Sialkot Cathedral – This 160 years old cathedral is located in the cantonment area.
  8. Clock Tower Century old Clock Tower is the most famous landmark of Sialkot, situated in Saddar Bazar.
  9. Puran Bhagat Well – Another historical site situated near cantonment area.
  10. Local Industry – Visit Sialkot Chamber of Commerce to see local products.
  11. Iqbal Manzil, Birth Place of famous poet
  12. Sialkot Cathedral established in 1850
  13. Shawala Teja Singh Temple
  14. Hockey Academy, Gulshan Park near Pulaik.

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