‘Pk Ran Mureed’: Our New Dose Of Entertainment

In this era of technological advancement, almost everybody from a kid to an elderly person, from a local pageant to a high-tech officer to a modern manager have gadgets which are more than enough to get them connected to the world. Recently we have seen many examples of how people by some weird stuff doing got famous, well if kept to comedy and by which, I mean real comedy which soothes people not the “eating tutorials” its fine, but if those “famous” people are called out as psychics and weirdos its not positive. We all know how it ends up, it does gives you a fame but its just a bubble which is destined to get burst.

Well serious stuff aside, recently some Punjabi guy posted a video showing the perfect example of what we call “Ran Mureedi” which means to obey your wife in a very creepy way. It’s hilarious, how he complains to another guy that his wife is the queen and how her parents won’t accept her, what’s wrong even if I spent a whole lot of money on my wife in a few weeks? He cries over how his parents beat him and how wives can only be gotten once. The video became a sensation in Pakistani people because it literally describes the drama of the everyday lives of people. People literally thought that it was original stuff, the way he cries while describing is lit and so native.

After a few weeks of video being viral the man was spotted by a local TV news channel, saying that he made that video for making the people happy and he will continue that, then another video came out on some other topic and now this peep has an official facebook page named PK Ran Mureed. I wish this text box had emoji option cuz I am all LOL! Now he makes even more videos, his most recent video was about a PTCL prank call, it can be dangerous but it was funny.

All I want to say is that when people (common-people) get into entertainment, they should really look out for themselves, it’s a messy place, people can leave rude and offensive comments, so don’t use cheap tactics to be a star, its not a one day job. Mind it!


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