Passport Offices in Mirpur Azad Kashmir

Directorate general of immigration & passports, Ministry of interior is responsible for the issuance of Visas and passports to the citizens in order to travel outside the country at any time. The passport offices are regulatory authorities to check and scrutinize the citizens of Pakistan who apply for passports and visas. From application process to delivery, the department is responsible wholly solely. In the current wake of the wave of terrorism the scrutiny of the applicants has become increasingly strict and people who want to apply for passports go through a gruesome process. Mirpur has seen a huge influx of people travelling out of the country on regular basis because of the good monetary conditions of the residents of the city and the district in general. Due to this the passport offices also receive a huge amount of applicants on monthly basis.

Following are the passport offices in the Mirpur region:

  1. Near Bhutto Park

The main branch is near the Bhutto Park in the business hub of the city. The location provides an easy approach for the commuters wanting to come to the branch and being the main branch, it can cater a large audience that apply for passports.

  1. Near DC House, G & A Plaza

The branch mainly deals with the influx from the Kotli side of the city. This branch is not as big as the other one and hence it isn’t crowded round the year.  This branch however caters to the population on the outskirts of Mirpur city and creates a nice balance for both branches collectively.

There are also a number of independent travel guides/ companies/ agents that do the work on the customer’s behalf because of the lack of checks like the ones imposed in the metropolitan of all provinces. The agents charge their fee and get the work done which is a security risk as the person himself doesn’t appear in the interview.

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