Panama JIT Updates: Saleem Safi, “Minus Three – Why & How”

This country cannot run by three major parties because of their history or even current behavior towards the general public. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif does not want to step down from his post and Imran Khan wants to be Prime Minister. They both have similar goals and in light of bringing each other down, they have gone to extremes without noticing that how it is effecting the general public.

We have been ignored as a nation and our demands have not been fulfilled. All the political parties are busy with their power issues and not a single one of them have even mentioned our daily issues. People are dying on streets, our soldiers and Police have been fighting with extremists who have ruined our lives and reputation as a country. We have heroes within us, we have martyrs and we have people who are more patriotic and more eligible to lead than anyone else in our political parties but unfortunately we don’t recognize them and how can we?

Each and every channel is reporting about JIT and its decision or they have been bringing people up to their studios who have done nothing except saying words or backing their political party. Actions speak louder than words and if we look around, there is nothing to prove their words. Whoever may lead us, whatever the decision may be and whenever it may happen, it should happen soon because the whole nation is fed up and they have been ignored.

How can we say that our current leadership or those who wants to be in power are loyal to this nation when they have not said a single word about those who became martyr while protecting this country and us as a nation? How can we say that these people deserve to lead us when they gained everything by stepping onto poor man’s life? We need to support and give assurance to our Supreme Court so it can bring fairness in this society by taking the power of those who showed no loyalty to people who selected them, who had put their trust in them and those who died protecting their and our families.

Columnist’s Saleem Safi, in his today’s column, Minus Three, why & How (مائنس تھری ۔ کیوں اور کیسے؟) is focusing on the same issue. “MINUS THREE” is not just about one but three major political parties who have been involved in the mess created by themselves and all of them have one wish and that is to be in power. They are as bad as each other and instead of addressing serious issues or even appreciating our heroes, they are all busy talking about the same thing over and over again. Only God knows what the result will be but it should happen quickly so we can all move forward and not just stand still. Whether one goes or 2 or 3 or more, it will be better for everyone and we can only hope that next one to come will lead us the way we need and deserve and hopefully He or She, will not ignore the recognition our heroes need even if our leaders go through hell. This is why we choose them and we expect them to sacrifice their needs for our well being.

God bless Pakistan (Amen).

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