Panama JIT Updates: Meet the Richest ‘Dervish’ of Our Time

Some jaw dropping findings came to surface after JIT report was made public. Some of the most fascinating answers given to JIT bench was of none other than Prime Minister’s very own son-in-law and self proclaimed ‘Dervish’ Captain(R) Safdar, husband of Maryam Nawaz Sharif.

When JIT members asked him how can you justify your lavish lifestyle, Mr. Safdar replied “My wife ‘Maryam Nawaz’ manages all my finances and she is the sole bread bearer of our family. I don’t really know how she manages all that”. After that JIT bench asked Mr. Safdar ‘if you are saying that your wife manages all your finances then how do you own 215 acres of land in Rajanpur and 100 kanals of agricultural land in Mansehra?’ To this question Mr. Safdar replied that sharif family gives me pocket money of 1500 dirhams every month for more than two decades and they still do.

It is pertinent to mention here is that capt. Safdar had not submitted market value or cost of these two properties to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). Captain(R) Safdar (Mr. dervish), in his statement of assets for 2015 fiscal year only mentioned a 4800cc BMW car that was gifted to his wife Maryam Nawaz by an unknown individual in UAE.

As more volumes of JIT report is being made public, very interesting and astonishing statements given by the correspondents i.e members of sharif family to the JIT members are being surfaced.

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