Panama JIT Updates: Lion’s Roar, PM Nawaz Refuses to Resign

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif spent whole day in conference with his Party Leaders yesterday. Their main focus was on JIT’s report that had unveiled what might be their secrets. Prime Minister has decided to take it all the way and appeal against the report.

“JIT’s report is based on assumptions and accusations” Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif.

Every citizen is waiting for the outcome which is yet to be decided by Supreme Court. Prime Minister is defending himself and he will be appealing against the decision. “People of Pakistan has chosen me, so I will not resign. We had businesses before coming into politics. I have nothing to hide as my record is clean”.

Prime Minister’s family is in turmoil after JIT issued its report that had much against Sharif family. JIT had mentioned in report about Sharif family’s mistakes and secrets that were never disclosed to public before and JIT had verified the lies by other International Authorities. “If you proof that I am corrupt, bring the evidence forward” Prime Minister said while addressing to the Federal Cabinet today.

Pakistan’s Tahreek-e-Insaaf or PTI has been demanding Prime Minister’s Resignation. Today one of the leader Mr. Fawad Chauhdry has held press conference in Islamabad. Imran Khan has also been in spotlight as Supreme Court is demanding trail of his finances. Mr. Chauhdry said, “It is our right to defend against the accusations and we will submit the money trail as required by The Supreme Court. There is nothing to hide”.

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