Panama JIT Updates: Javed Hashmi – Once a Lion Always a Lion

Javed Hashmi is one of the most senior politicians in Pakistan. He used to be a lion (PML-N’s member) once, then he joined PTI & left the party after some time, alleging Imran Khan having secret relations with Pakistan Army or military establishment. But, now it seems he is a lion (PML-N’s member) again! No one from media or political parties was expecting him to come forward like this. Javed Hashmi had a press conference, which was supposed to be about the Panama JIT report but he didn’t talk about it. Rather, his clear focus was criticizing establishment & Imran Khan.

In his press conference, Javed Hashmi said that this might be his last press conference. Javed Hashmi is a seasoned politician and he said, “I’ve seen 50 years of politics in Pakistan. From dictator rules to democracy, i have seen it all. I’m custodian of Pakistan’s political history. As a responsible citizen, my conscious is forcing me to inform the nation of the threats that democracy of Pakistan is facing”.

Hashmi said about Imran Khan, “I’ve never had personal issues with Imran. Anyone can ask him. I’ve always had political differences with him and that’s my right. I never will discuss his personal life in front of media.”

Hashmi said about Nawaz Sharif, “Nawaz Sharif never liked me. He was never happy to offer me party ticket for elections”.

Hashim said about Sheikh Rasheed, “Sheikh Rasheed is a ‘Darbari’. He was my Darbari when i was a minister. Then he was Nawaz Sharif’s darbari & now he’s Imran Khan’s Darbari.”

The most important point that he raised in his press conference was accountability for Pakistan military and judiciary. He asked if these two institutions would ever be questioned? Nothing happened of Pervaiz Musharaf or any military dictator or any judge of Pakistani courts. Why is there always the politicians who have to answer?

This might be his last try to save Nawaz Sharif by pointing fingers over establishment.

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