Panama JIT Update: Kaptaan Grilling Nawaz on Twitter

Not just Pakistan’s but world’s political scene has turned into a frenzy since the Panama gate leaks. Arguably one of the biggest leaks of our time, panama gate leaks have so far forced some premiers of the world’s leading countries to step down. The biggest of them all is the prime minister of Great Britain, David Cameron.

In Pakistan, a trial of the prime minister Nawaz Sharif and family is going on for a year now since the premiere’s children names are in the leaks which states that they own offshore companies and properties worth millions of dollars.

With the onset of Panama Leaks, a social media war erupted in favor and against of Nawaz Sharif and even political leaders are very much active in expressing their views and one of the most followed and prominent of all is none other than the Kaptaan, Imran Khan.

Imran Khan Tweets

Kaptaan openly claims that Nawaz Sharif wanted to bribe members of the JIT (Joint Investigation Team) and when he couldn’t and the investigation report turned out to be against him, he is going all guns blazing in denying the findings of JIT. Imran further reiterates that for 30 years Nawaz Sharif  escaped accountability by bribing his way out but now he has been caught red handed.

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