Panama JIT Pakistan Updates: Lion Goes Bearish

Pakistan Muslim League’s Daniyal Aziz and Maryam Aurangzeb are holding a press conference in Islamabad. Their main focus has been the report of Panama JIT. Investigation panel have been criticized heavily by the leaders of Muslim League (N) either for not doing their jobs properly or for giving decision against Prime Minister.

“JIT was supposed to ask 13 questions from Prime Minister but they had gone far in their investigation” Maryam Aurangzeb. She has highly criticized the report and based their judgment on assumptions.

Daniyal Aziz has been side by side with Maryam Aurangzeb on this issue. He is not in favour of Prime Minister’s resignation as he was chosen by the people in election and he has been focused on JIT’s mistake.

“Report submitted by JIT is incomplete and they have admitted themselves and it should be rejected on legal grounds” Daniyal Aziz.

JIT was given authority by Supreme Court to carry out their investigation with all the support they had needed. And in their report they mentioned that Sharif family had submitted the fake documents.

For Muslim League (N) it has been a big shock since 10th of July and nothing has been said by The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif or his family. They have been really cautious about their each step. Opposition has been demanding Prime Minister’s resignation. Case against Prime Minister is due back in court next week.

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