Pakistan’s Ever Increasing Ecological Disorder And Us

Pakistan was and still is a part of what the British called ‘the Golden Sparrow’ when they conquered the subcontinent. The picturesque scenery and tropical climate were once a huge tourist attraction. Even now, in places like Swat, Murree and other Northern areas, there are plenty of visitors. Like the rest of the world, Pakistan faces huge ecological problems due to inadequate steps by the government and the backwardness or greed of Pakistani people.

Pakistan's Ever-Increasing Ecological Disorder And

Pakistan is an agricultural country and the major portion of its income goes to agriculture and agricultural products. The capitalists keep trying to convert it into an industrial nation to gather their own profits, despite the fact that it’s main focus should be on trying to evolve its farming system. The farmers, using ancient farming techniques, lead to deterioration of land by water logging, salinity, turning fertile land into barren and desolate landscapes. Consequently, the area for farming has gone on decreasing for centuries. The farmers do not possess the funds and training to utilize the natural resources better. It is the government’s duty to provide farmers with modern facilities and enough training to stop the deterioration of the country’s beauty. When asked, the officials say ‘Funds?’ while they stuff their bodies with the same ‘funds’ they need.

Pakistan's Ever-Increasing Ecological Disorder

And, once again powered by greed, the industrialists and capitalists begin to tear down forests when their lusts are not satisfied by the money they have already hoarded. The deforestation leads to a huge downfall in environmental stability and increases the global warming. So while, they capitalists sit in their air-conditioned rooms counting their money, the people outside die of heat, dehydration and hunger as crops die due to high temperatures.

Pakistan's Ever-Increasing

In almost all cities and industrial areas, the amount of air-pollutants are dangerously high. Use of old vehicles, coal-burning and uncontrolled release of poisonous gases results in many diseases and deaths not only in humans but also in animals, plants, crops, leading to extinctions of entire species, all for some moments of luster. Not only do the industries poison the air, but the poor waste-management system also results in the contamination of the water reservoirs. This leads to death of aquatic life. The Indus dolphin, one of the most amazing creatures, is close to extinction with just a handful of their members remaining. Why? Not just because of the insatiable money-lust of the people but also due to our carelessness.

Pakistan's Ever-Increasing Ecological

We go to a park and see tons of waste thrown all around while the waste container stands as good as new. We go to some valley or hill-side or some lake and what do we do? All the beauty, all the grace, we ruin just because we cannot get up and throw it five feet farther into a waste basket. In our idiocy, we kill animals and humans. Don’t we pollute the water? The air? The people who die because of these, aren’t their deaths on us? We were told to add catalytic converters on our older car (new cars being already fitted with them) what did we do? We completely ignore such attempts to conserve the environment, keep on living, keep on polluting, until we succumb to disease caused by the same pollutants. You see a vehicle pass by, thick black clouds of pure poison coming out of it and we just cough and ignore. then just coughing and ignoring, we cough our last.

Pakistan's Increasing Ecological

In their stupidity, people don’t allow the construction of dams and when the villages get flooded, the lands ruined, they stand up to scream at the government for not doing anything. We use coal and gas to make energy, why can’t we utilize the huge amounts of solar and wind powers in Pakistan. Is it because the politicians cannot spend their stolen money for the right things? Is it because we are so ignorant that we simply cannot go beyond killing each other in the names of murderous, thieving politicians who hoard money we can use to save our land?

Pakistan's Ever-Increasing Ecological Disorder A

Are we so stupid that we cannot see the destruction of our country right in front of our eyes? Leaps, not steps, are needed to conserve our country’s ecological system, the forests, the agriculture, the biodiversity, all need to be preserved and protected. Fining people for throwing around waste or arresting capitalists for environmental crisis could help a lot, don’t you think? If we can call out for fornication, can’t we call out for such laws that actually help us, our culture and our country?


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