Pakistan’s Environmental Problems: Smog, Heatwaves and What Not?

The environmental degradation that is day after day diluting our ecosystem is now the main cause of concern.

The reason behind climatic change can be overpopulation, environmental pollution, intensified industrial evolution and rapid deforestation. Nevertheless, sustainable development is the path towards enhancement to save this demolition. When we take a glimpse over its issues, it is obvious that the reason behind this devolution is human actions. Massive land violation is depicting a drastic change in climate to its extremist extent. Withstanding to this intensive increase in temperature is provoking natural hazards. And the efforts taken to overcome this destructive attempt is still done on a very small scale.

Despite the fact the core issues in Pakistan are specifically caused due to irrational land disputes and its struggle to gain strength over international level. The major issues that are emerging in our environment is smog and heat wave.

People from all across the world are procuring this debate to overcome this rising issue. Organizations across the world have simply taken this issue up and proposed multiple counter measure to deviate this rising retaliation. But simply this issue is taken into concern at a very minute level.


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