Pakistani Youtubers You Didn’t Know About

YouTube is a stunning stage where one can transfer recordings and make vlogs about nearly anything they are occupied with. It truly requires diligent work and a solid responsibility regarding your specific work.  Most of the Youtubers that now have their own channels and subscriptions started off from Facebook and gained fame on that platform.

There are numerous Pakistanis who rose to fame by the recordings they made and transferred that to YouTube. They hold a significant following and fan base. From comics to gamers to excellence vloggers, YouTube is being ruled by millions of YouTubers. Here is a list of  Pakistani YouTubers residing in Pakistan that have either gained millions of views or have gained the respect of millions by making great content,

1. Rahim Pardesi

Rahim has more than 675K endorsers on his YouTube channel. He began making videos in 2016. Rahim has hilarious videos on Youtube. His skits are about a desi lady, Nasreen and her funny endeavors. Rahim’s YouTube channel is an exclusive armed force. He plays Nasreen and her better half. In a few recordings, Rahim’s father and his dear companions have additionally shown up.

2. Annam Ahmad

A new face I came across on YouTube and have gotten instantly obsessed. She must use some witchcraft or something to look that perfect in every video, whether she has makeup on or not. Another Pakistani girl that defied our society and has made a name for herself. Anam creates videos about beauty, fashion, and vlogs in which her sister makes quite a few appearances in and the relationship the two have is #goals. Her recent Pakistan vlogs gave me the feels truly.

3. Bilal Khan

The actor and the singer has made his own YouTube channel. His videos show us average people behind the scenes of celebrity lives. He features almost one new celebrity in every vlog, and we are not complaining in the least bit. We only get to see what Bilal ultimately uploads, but he is far more than what we get to see on social media. Their lives behind the glitz and glam are far more interesting, in our opinion. If you want to reach a new level of stalking, well this might be the channel for you.

4. Mooroo

Mooroo’s genuine name is Taimoor Salahuddin. Mooroo’s YouTube channel has more than 153K supporters. His amusing videos are not incredible but rather additionally have a lesson behind them. He delivers moralistic recordings which are amusing to look for individuals. Celebrated VIPs like: Anum Aqeel, Mira Sethi, Amina Sheik and Ali Gul Pir have additionally shown up in his recordings.

5. Danish Ali

Danish is a Standup comedian and a Youtuber. He is a specialist by calling. Danish’s videos will dependably give you a decent chuckle. He has got more than 54K subscribers on YouTube. When, Danish makes a video, it ends up noticeably top in the drifting bar in a few hours.

6. Bekaar Films

Bekaar Films are famous for their innovative ideas and new videos. The gang shows us the funny, lighter and witty side of life with their brilliantly shot, clearly scripted and well-executed videos. They usually pick on the younger generation of Karachiites and the way most of them deal with issues concerning our everyday lives.  This talented group of people is a popular among young ones.

7. The Idiotz

Hailing from Karachi, The Idiotz is a group of guys that not only make normal day life hustles funny but their parody of Amir Liaqat Hussain has brought them much fame. Witty punch lines, perfect comic timing, subliminal messaging and great acting make their videos entertaining leaving an imprint on viewers’ minds. Cleverly done, these men make a great team.

If you aren’t following them then go and subscribe them to pass your leisure time.


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