Pakistani Universities: Education or A Business?

Universities in Pakistan have decided to take over the bank accounts of all those willing to pay them for an education, but what of those who dream for a better life only to be turned down by the ridiculous tuition fees and taxes implemented by such institutions? Not only have private universities looted the people of Pakistan, but the government has rarely taken appropriate actions to stop them. From Medical Universities to Liberal Arts Education, the majority of the Pakistani population is unable to afford these hefty costs.

Pakistani Universities Education Business

A concerned student, while in line at the bank to pay her dues adds,

Education’s too expensive, they’re leeching money off of our parents. They don’t need that kind of money.

Parents are working more than one job at a time to afford their children’s education. Furthermore, students in Pakistan are seeking employment to accommodate universities at an alarming rate, rather than focus on their studies. Forced to divide time between barely above average wage jobs and classes, many students are found indulging in drugs as a repast from the stress of trying to afford an education.

Pakistani University Education or A Business

Pakistani Universities Education or Business

Pakistan’s education system has been mostly neglected by the governments, who have mainly focused on defense, costly construction projects, and defending themselves from accusations of rigged elections. While education up to high school is mostly available across the nation, higher education is difficult to obtain, especially due to HEC’s questionable policies. This, coupled with exorbitant fee structures, all result in a declining education system in Pakistan.  According to the Economic Survey of Pakistan (2016-2017), the literacy rate dropped from 60% to 58%.

Pakistani Universities Education or A Business

Pakistan’s government has never focused on educating the masses, but educational reforms are long due if we expect to catch up to the rest of the world.


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