Pakistani Teen Says, “Hats off to the Creators of Instagram”

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp etc etc. People, especially teens, even Pakistani teens, have been using these terms often. These terms are known as social media applications.

Presently, every teen has his/her own distinctive mobile phone, laptop or tablet and they also have their own personal accounts on these particular social applications. Teens in Pakistan can independently and unrestricted, make phone calls and catch up with their friends whenever and however they like and I am actually one of them…

I, without any doubt, agree that these applications give us pleasure, at the very same time they have certain disadvantages but we teens, ignore this fact. So here we are not going to talk about the disadvantages but we are gonna give super positive feedback about these applications… 😀

To be honest.. I have accounts on every possible social media app but only two are my favorite, Instagram and Snapchat. I totally agree with the fact that there are more Facebook users than Instagram or Snapchat but as far as teens are concerned.. Instagram and Snapchat are highly preferred. Instagram is my first priority and i would also advocate all the teens to use it more frequently then any other social application.

Pakistani Teens Like Instagram More Than Anything

Instagram is basically a photo sharing application and allows us to add super creative and amazing captions. It also enables us to share uploaded photos to different sites such as Facebook and by doing that our Facebook feed looks really cool and simple. We, teens, use hashtags very frequently to make our conversation more cool but we don’t know that these hashtags were actually introduced by Twitter. An other good but not cool social app.

Instagram is pretty clean without much clutter and its easy to navigate, unlike other apps. We follow people like celebrities and enjoy going through their everyday posts because just like teens, a number of Pakistani celebrities also use Instagram and definitely feel more comfortable posting everything even if they are leaving for gym!!

Just grab a bucket full of popcorn and relax on your comfy couch stocking other people and seeing there photos and videos. But frankly guys, waiting for someone to accept your follow request is the real struggle! (only Insta users can understand :'( ). Users can update stories with location and catchy stickers which is super beneficial if we want to have a boast about our activities in front of friends.

I would unquestionably say “Hats off to the creators of Instagram” and conclude my writing by saying all the youngsters who don’t use Instagram to stop wasting their time on boring application like Facebook and Twitter and JOIN THE CLUB!!!!

P.S. this post is an opinion of a 13 year old Pakistani teen girl.

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