Pakistani Celebrities Who got Married in 2018

A wedding is the most important day of one’s life. Doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity or not, your wedding day will always be the major day of your life. The year 2018 saw many celebrity weddings and many of our stars got hitched this year. Some weddings were extravagant while others were private ceremonies. However the ceremonies happened, one thing was common among them were that they were all beautiful. Here are the celebrity weddings of the year 2018:

Imran Khan And Bushra Maneka:

Asad Siddiqui And Zara Noor Abbas:

Faizan Sheikh And Maham Aamir: 

Asad Mehmood And Sara Shahzad:

Aleezay Tahir And Arsalan Ahmed:

Mahenur Haider:

Fizza Ali and Ayaz Malik:

Imran Ashraf and Kiran Imran:

Saman Ansari And Tauseef Khan:

Anum Fayyaz And Asad Anwar:

Feroze Khan And Alizay Fatima:

Ayesha Khan and Major Uqbah Malik:

Sara Razi Khan and Sumair:



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