Pakistani and Indian Soldiers To Take Part In First Ever Multi-Lateral Military Exercise

For the first time, Pakistani and Indian forces are all set to become a part of a mutual exercise as part of a multi-nation counter-terror wargame, under the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Russia.

This exercise, entitled the ‘Peace Mission 2018’, was started at the 255 Combined Arms Range at Chebarkul in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia on Friday, in which soldiers from different SCO countries including China and Russia, that are taking part.

The exercise will provide an opportunity to the armed forces of SCO nations to train in counter terrorism operations in an urban scenario in a multinational and joint environment. It includes professional interactions, mutual understanding of drills and procedures, establishment of joint command and control structures, and elimination of terrorist threats in mock drills,”

A spokesperson of the Indian army reported.

For this drill, Russia has sent out 177 soldiers, with China and India sending 700 and 200 soldiers respectively.

After the formation of SCO in 2001, this is the first of its kind landmark exercise that has brought together India and Pakistan for a military exercise, and we can only hope that it leads to some decreased hostility between the two neighbours.

Indian soldiers have never actively participated in a multi-lateral exercise that included Pakistan in the past. Troops from the two countries have, however, worked together in UN missions and operations,”

Explained an officer involved in the drill.

This is an exciting news for the Pakistani military and hopefully we continue to see our nation progress forward with others in this world!


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